Ferm equals fermented goodness. With our ambient kombucha beverages we offer a change in the land soft drink experience.  This functional beverage offers a healthy alternative to alcoholic and classic sugary drinks. They serve as a standalone sparkling discovery as well as the perfect mixer for cocktails. 

“A solid alternative to classic lemonades and alcoholic beverages”

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has its origins in ancient China. It is made by adding a scoby - a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast - to a sweet tea. The micro organisms make the active healthy components of the tea more readily available and transform the sugar into healthy acids that aid in digestion and benefit immunity.

Aside from the ancient reasons for drinking it, kombucha is also a refreshing and effervescent alternative to sugary softdrinks or alcoholic beverages. Our kombucha is produced in the ancient ways in our brewery in Bruges, Belgium.
Ferm kombucha

ginger lemongrass

Ginger, used for ages as a spice and folk medicine, has a close lover in taste called lemongrass. Try this tangy revelation and be amazed..

mint lavender

Fresh mint combined with floral lavender keys make this the ultimate thirst quencher

mandarin star anise

Spicy Star Anise combined with the subtle sweetness of mandarine makes you believe you’re sitting in a French café on a hot summer night..

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The best way to discover our invigorating bubbly drinks is to snatch one at one of the many bars or shops that offer them, or, order them here!

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