craft brewed
in Bruges

Ancient organic & fermented tea
from BRUGES with love

“A solid alternative to classic lemonades and alcoholic beverages”

Are you tired of looking for a healthy drink and ending up with bottles of water? Have you been thinking of starting that green tea habit for the past decade? Does your stomach turn at the thought of alcohol free beer? 

Well, we’re happy to put you out of your misery! 

Presenting a low caloric, fermented green and black tea called Ferm Kombucha. It’s tangy , sparkly & fruity flavours will blow, you, away. 

“In flanders fields the scoby grows”

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has its origins in ancient China. It is made by adding a scoby - a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast - to a sweet tea. The micro organisms make the active healthy components of the tea more readily available and transform the sugar into healthy acids that aid in digestion and benefit immunity.

Aside from the ancient reasons for drinking it, kombucha is also a refreshing and effervescent alternative to sugary softdrinks or alcoholic beverages. Our kombucha is produced in the ancient ways in our brewery in Bruges, Belgium.

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